At Be Free Organics, we are driven to create a vibrant atmosphere for our community, providing high-quality organic produce, products and practising environmental sustainability that aims to look after each other and our planet.

"It's surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth. Sir David Attenborough

At Be Free Organics, we are focused in looking after our environment and giving back to both the community and the planet.

  • Composting: All our packing is 100% compostable or recyclable. We keep all our food scraps that we compost ourselves to feed our own vegetable garden out at our family hobby farm and our own little veggie patch at home as well as our own chickens.
  • Soft Plastic Recycling: We buy products that have none to minimal plastic packaging. We live in a society where plastic is still being used and it is extremely hard to avoid especially when it comes to packaging, however we ensure these plastics are recycled.
  • No to Plastic Bags: We say no to plastic bags. We believe it is our responsibility to start saying yes to making a difference. We offer options instead like boxes that our products come in for free or brown paper bags you can purchase a reusable bag or we love when our community bring their own bags.
  • Takeaway Glass Jars/ Cups: If you are taking away a juice, our glass jars can be dropped back to us for a credit. Our takeaway smoothie or coffee cups can be recycled and our straws are made from paper.
  • Organic: 100% of our produce are certified organic. We believe supporting Australian farmers and small business is extremely important, keeping it as fresh and local as possible. Organic foods aren’t just good for us but their farming principles are less harmful and taxing on the planet.
  • Coffee Grinds: Our coffee grinds are available to go into your compost bins and then the compost can be used to nurture your home gardens.
  • Go Bulk, Waste Less: We have a bulk section full of organic products that you can purchase. We encourage you to bring your own bags/ jars/ containers so that your shopping is as waste-free as possible but if you forget we have paper bags you can use.