About Us



Be Free Organics is a family run business with a passion for helping others achieve the most out of their lives. As a family we have been blown away with the positive effects that correct nutrition has had on our loved ones lives. We want to share our success by making the healthy option the easiest and best for everybody.

Our Mission is to help people get the most out of life and Be Free to do anything they can dream of.


Be Free Organics specialises in creating beautifully crafted meals using only the best organic ingredients, with a strong commitment to enhance our environment.

The benefits from eating organic foods are endless! As we supply optimal nutrition to our body, we promote our own health into wealth and happiness.

Our priority is to make meals with maximum nutrition. Alongside this, our recipes are also focused on making our meals affordable, tasty and convenient. When we combine all these ingredients together, we are confident that we have the best possible product for you.